Creating a custom portfolio
  • To create a custom portfolio, you need to be logged in to steam at first. You can do so by using the Sign in through Steam button in the top right.
  • Find an item by searching in the navigation bar, or click on an item on the main page.
  • At the item's page, click at the "Add to Portfolio" button (top right)
  • Fill the details and press "Save"
  • This item should now be visible in your Custom portfolio!
Difference between Inventory and Custom Portfolio
  • Inventory shows the current inventory of the account you're logged in with.
  • Custom Portfolio is completely built by you.
What is the purpose of the archive button in the Custom Portfolio page?
If you sell your items, but want to keep track of the profit made from this sale, you can archive the item to move it to the "Sold items" part of your portfolio.
I can't find an item, and it is on the Steam market
Let us know on Our Discord
I can't find an item, and it is not on the Steam market but it exists in-game
This site is based off the Steam market. Specific items which are not on the Steam market require pricing from third parties, which for now is not on the roadmap.
When will insights in floats / phases / etc be implemented?
Not, this site is designed for investors of generic steam items. Items with specific / rare phases for example, are too volatile to display any interesting information for.
Bugs / Features
Encountered a bug? Or do you have a specific feature in mind which can improve the site? Let us know on Our Discord !