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Steamfolio features

Steamfolio is a portfolio platform for your Steam (CS:GO) related investments. We offer insights in price history, trends, volumes and more.

Detailed item prices

The default API from steam only provides current market sell-order prices. This is subject to price manipulation and just bad information about an item's price. We transform Steam Market data so that we can provide trends, median prices for specific ranges in time, volume data and more.

Inventory pricing

Prices are fetched and transformed from the Steam Community Market. This way, we can provide median prices, but also the default prices for the items on the market. When logging in, you can view your CS:GO inventory with according prices. Next to that, you can fill in a buy price per item, and additional notes.

Custom Portfolio

Got multiple accounts, already have your own local portfolio with sold items or just want to track your dream inventory? We got you covered. Add items to your portfolio and we will track your portfolio value per day.


We have our own API! Our REST API is designed to expose almost all of the information we show on our site. We have endpoints for detailed information per item (or all items), complete inventory pricing and current steam currency rates.

15.000+ items being tracked

And more to come.

Responsive Layout

Whether you want to check your portfolio on the go or at home, we've got you covered.

Lots of insightful graphs

We try to give you the most insight in your investments. Our graphs and charts support this insight.


We have our own API, you can view the documentation here.